Workshops - Friday

NCARB: Creating Value in Your Career

5:30pm Composite Room | Jared Zurn, AIA, NCARB Director of Examination


Join Jared Zurn for a presentation about your career in architecture, licensure, and beyond. Topics will include:
– The entities involved in the licensure process
– How to progress successfully through the Architecture Experience Program (AXP)
– Brief overview of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE)
– The value of the NCARB Certificate
– Recent changes to NCARB programs

The presentation will also cover tips to making a successful transition from school to work and pursuing licensure once employed. Following the presentation there will be a question and answer session.

Jared Zurn joined the Council in 2008 as Assistant Director ARE Development with a primary focus on the research and development of the graphic portions of the Architect Registration Examination. Throughout his tenure at NCARB, Zurn has been involved with all aspects of the examination including both written item and graphic item development, examination security, the 2012 Practice Analysis of Architecture, and most recently the beginning implementation of ARE 5.0. Promoted to Director in 2013, Zurn is an advocate for transparency into the examination with a focus on refining the efficiency of the process while maintaining high standards and measurement quality.

A graduate of North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Architecture, before joining NCARB, Zurn operated a sole proprietorship in northern Minnesota. He also served as faculty of the Architectural Technology program at Minnesota State Community and Technical College. While at MSCTC, Zurn served in campus and college wide academic leadership roles. As an educator, he specialized in CAD software implementation and BIM solutions using both AutoCAD for Architecture and REVIT Architecture. During his tenure at MSCTC, he led the Architectural Technology program in the areas of curriculum development, course assessment and program outcome assessment.

Below is information from last year.

The Convention schedule will include several workshops, tours, and break-out sessions for Convention attendees. Tours are limited, and seats will be assigned with preference given to those who make reservations. You may sign up during registration or after. Workshops are not limited, and preference will be assigned as first-come first-served.


3:00pm  - 3:45pm | Workshops
                                | Session Two
           Misconduct | Salon F
         Social Media | Salon G
          Photography | Salon H
     (esoteric) Ritual | Salon I

2:00pm  - 2:45pm | Workshops
                                | Session One
                   NCARB | Salon F
    Chapter Houses | Salon G
           Recruitment | Salon H
    APX Volunteering | Salon I


NCARB: Creating Value in Your Career

2:00pm Salon F | Martin Smith, AIA, NCARB, LEED Green Associate

Join NCARB’s Martin Smith, AIA, NCARB, LEED Green Associate for a presentation about your career in architecture, licensure and beyond.

Topics will include:
– The entities involved in the licensure process
– How to progress successfully through the Architecture Experience Program (AXP)
– Brief overview of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE)
– The value of the NCARB Certificate
– Recent changes to NCARB programs

The presentation will also cover tips to making a successful transition from school to work and pursuing licensure once employed.

Martin Smith’s position with NCARB supports and guides NCARB’s programs as they continue to evolve with the architecture profession. Smith has 10 years of architectural design and construction management experience. He has worked for architectural firms in New York City and New Canaan, CT. His projects varied from single and multi-family residential projects to commercial and university buildings, with an expertise in adaptive re-use and historic preservation projects.

Smith holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY. He is licensed to practice architecture in the state of New York. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects, has achieved the qualification of LEED Green Associate, and holds the NCARB Certificate for national reciprocity.

Chapter Houses

2:00pm Salon G | JR Favor Insurance

Under the new Alpha Rho Chi Chapter Housing policy, chapter houses must hold a current insurance policy. Find out more at this workshop by JR Favor Insurance, our official fraternity risk management provider.

Recruitment Workshop

2:00pm Salon H | John Conway, Colony Director

Learn the various techniques and strategies needed to hold a successful recruitment and the ways to apply them to your own chapter. Conversation starters, common dialogues and how to address them, personal presentation, and examples of what other chapters have successfully done will be some of the topics of discussion during this hour long workshop.

John Conway is Alpha Rho Chi’s current Colony Director and an alum of the Vitruvius Chapter. In addition to participating in a wide variety of his chapter’s recruitment events during his time as an active, he has worked with several other chapters around the country planning and participating in recruitment events. As Colony Director, he works with colonies to help understand the recruitment process and plan the events that the colonies will host as a part of their first recruitment. John graduated from Penn State in 2014 and currently works in New York for a high end residential design firm.

Volunteering with Alpha Rho Chi

2:00pm Salon I | Vicki Horton, Worthy Grand Architect Emeritus

You’ve only just registered for Convention in Portland and you’re already missing all the brothers you’ll see again or meet for the first time…you’re dreading the post-Convention Blues. Graduation is coming and you don’t know how you’ll make it even a year without the regular APX support network of your closest brothers or an alum who’s ready to re-connect. Sound familiar? What if there was a way to maintain the momentum, the exhilaration, of convention? What if you could build even stronger relationships with brothers from around the country, working closely with them on a regular basis? Pssst…there is. If we’ve piqued your interest, join us in Portland to find out how in this 45-minute panel discussion with appointees and Grand Council members.

Vicki Horton’s long record of service to Alpha Rho Chi began in 1984, when she was elected Worthy Scribe, then Worthy Architect of Xenocles Chapter. Over the next 28 years, Vicki served as Secretary of the Alumni Association, National Inspector, Worthy Grand Scribe and ultimately, as the fraternity’s first female Worthy Grand Architect. After four years of a family-prescribed retirement, she returned to the Grand Council in July 2016 to serve as Grand Advisor. An ardent supporter of Servant Leadership, Vicki believes one of the chief responsibilities of the Grand Council is to serve the members of Alpha Rho Chi by actively seeking, identifying and mentoring the next generation of leaders.


Sexual Misconduct on Campus

3:00pm Salon F | Marc Mores, JR Favor Insurance

This workshop will focus on handling and being aware of potential sexual misconduct at fraternity-related events and activities. 

Social Media Workshop

3:00pm Salon G | Christina Anderson, Worthy Grand Scribe

Social media is a great tool to get information out to brothers and get classmates interested in your chapter. Join the discussion on how to use your accounts effectively over the course of the semester.

Christina Anderson is currently managing Alpha Rho Chi’s publications and social media accounts as Worthy Grand Scribe. She’s a Satyros alumna who’s been excited about social media since the first day Facebook was open to ASU students. Christina graduated from Arizona State with her Masters of Architecture in 2012 and currently works at a healthcare design firm in Phoenix.

Photography Walking Workshop: The Photographic in Photography

3:00pm Salon H | Daniel Turrell

Explore Portland downtown for an architectural photography walking workshop with a local photographer. This workshop is intended to help architects understand what makes photography different than other visual arts, and how that can help architects think differently about architecture.

Initially trained as an architect, the world is very fortunate that he never actually practiced. Instead, Dan Terrell has spent the past 20 years practicing land use law in the beautiful state of Oregon, and working on rule of law and land tenure and property rights issues in such idyllic post-conflict locales as Iraq and pre-ebola Liberia. Dan now spends most of his time figuring out ways to wake up at ungodly hours of the morning to photograph in locations as far away from pavement and tourists as is possible for an old guy holding down a day job as a lawyer.

Among other publications, Dan’s photographs have been published in Fine Homebuilding Special Issues on Houses and Remodeling magazine. As staff photographer for the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech he worked with the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development to produce Finding Shelter: The Growing Housing Crisis in Virginia, which documented substandard housing throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Dan is an alumnus of the Metagenes Chapter of Alpha Rho Chi at Virginia Tech.

Ritual Workshop

3:00pm Salon I | Risa Schoenfeld, Worthy Grand Lecturer

Review the various portions of The Ritual during this hour long workshop. Learn tips on planning and performing The Ritual from both the Worthy Grand Lecturer and members from other chapters. This is an opportune time to re-familiarize oneself with The Ritual before performing it for chapter initiations in the spring and to ask questions regarding hazing and risk management.

Risa Schoenfeld is Alpha Rho Chi’s current Worthy Grand Lecturer and a Hadrian Chapter alumna. She has participated in two new chapter installations as well as a variety of chapters’ initiations. She has also lead multiple ritual/risk management workshops. Risa graduated from Tulane School of Architecture in 2013 and currently works at a mid-sized architecture firm in New York City.

Due to the esoteric nature of this discussion, attendance will be restricted to brothers only.