Convention Agenda

1. Examination of the credentials of the Delegates

2. Call to order

3. Seating of the Delegates
        a) Delegate roll call

4. Review and adoption of the Standing Rules of the Convention

5. Election of the Convention Officers
        a) Report of Nominations Committee
        b) Election of Convention President
        c) Election of Convention Secretary
        d) Appointments

6. Appointment of Committees
        a) Audit Committee
        b) Resolutions Committee
        c) Nomination Committee

7. Report of the Grand Council

8. Report of the Alpha Rho Chi Foundation

9. Report of the Nominating Committee
        a) Additional nomination of members to the Grand Council
        b) Close of nomination
        c) Nominating speeches

10. Unfinished Business

11. New Business
        a) Report of the Resolutions Committee
        b) New Motions
             i. Submitted Motions
             ii. Other motions as defined in the Resolutions Committee report
        c) Report of the Audit Committee
        d) Additional New Business

12. Election of members to the Grand Council

13. Suggestions for the Fraternity’s welfare

14. Report of the Convention Director for meeting places for successive conventions

15. Adjournment