6:15pm  -  6:45pm | Blue Wonders Self-Guided Tour
| Pier 3

                   6:45pm | Group Photo

 6:45pm - 11:00pm | Welcome Reception
                                  | Pier 4

Arriving at the National Aquarium

Enter to tour the National Aquarium on Pier 3, shown in the map below with the teal waves circle logo. If you are arriving later than 6:45pm, you can go directly to the welcome reception by entering from Pier 4 with the Marine Mammal Pavilion.

Parking Garages
The Aquarium will validate parking for a discount at either of two garages, of which Lockwood Garage is closer. It has entrances on both Gay Street and Market Place. Park in the garage, then take your ticket to be validated inside the aquarium. The automated machines in the garage lobby will then read the validated ticket and apply the discount.

For more details and alternatives, consult the instructions on their website.