Convention Standing Rules

1. The Credentials Committee, directly after the opening ceremonies of the first business meeting, shall report the number of delegates registered as present with proper credentials, and shall make a supplementary report at the beginning of each day that business continues.

2. To facilitate identification and seating, members, and others shall be required to wear the badge issued upon registration for admission to the assembly hall.

3. A resolution offered by an individual member shall be in writing, signed by the maker and the seconder (one of which shall be a voting member of the convention) and shall be sent directly to the desk of the Secretary.

4. Resolutions

a) All resolutions shall be referred to the Resolutions Committee by ______ (date and time for submissions to be determined by the resolutions committee, once formed)
b) Each member who offers a resolution shall be given an opportunity to explain it to the Resolutions Committee if he or she so requests.
c) The Resolutions Committee shall prepare suitable resolutions to carry into effect recommendations referred to it and shall submit to the convention an order of motions to be brought before the floor.

5. No member shall speak in debate more than once on the same question on the same day, or longer than two minutes.

6. All reports and other material for the permanent record or printed proceedings shall be typewritten, and immediately upon presentation, submitted to the Convention Secretary.

7. Nominations

a) Nominations for each office to be filled by the convention shall be limited to one nominating speech of three minutes and one seconding speech of one minute for each nominee.
b) Candidates for each office to be filled by the convention shall be limited to five minutes for acceptance speech.
c) Direct inquiries to candidates must be first approved by the Convention President, the specific rules of which shall be outlined and administered as announced by Convention President.

8. Notice for announcement to the convention shall be in writing, signed by the author, and shall be sent to the desk of the Secretary.

9. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the convention in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the National Constitution and By-laws of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity.